Throughout my career I have examined how people, information, and objects interact in order to: develop strategies and products which support business and customer goals; create designs for most any screen and surface; and execute the communication of ideas and information to a wide variety of audiences.

From my years of experience, I have a comprehensive understanding of how strategies and projects can be built for greatest effect and how storytelling and insights bring life and interest to the communication of ideas. My executional expertise and broad design exposure bring creative and thoughtful solutions to ensure the final product meets client and customer needs and goals.
How I Work:

At my core, I seek to solve problems with a focus on customer needs and desires using the tenants of Design Thinking, which have helped to solidify my approach in research, engagement, and communication. Starting with a user/customer-centric viewpoint: I work with business partners to research and develop project requirements; develop strategies and refine concepts to bring focus; then create and oversee presentation development and design execution to assure the support of both organizational/business goals and user needs.

Key to how I approach projects is collaboration: working with research and strategy teams to uncover and understand user needs; supporting technical, engineering, and developer efforts through knowledge of design, industry standards, production, and best practices; to ensure viability and execution of projects. Additionally, I engage non-designers in the creative and design process for more effective collaboration across disciplines, to produce more well-rounded and substantial project output.

What I'm Doing:

I am curently Creative Director for software ux/ui at VIZIO, where I am responsible for building creative vision for look and feel across all software products; working closely with third-party partners to integrate design requirements; creation of process to drive innovation through interaction with end-users and user research through a human-centered design process; alignment of software products with corporate branding and industrial design; and collaboration with internal groups including hardware product management, product marketing, engineering, and sales.

Prior to this, I lead design strategy and research for the Product Identity team at AT&T/DIRECTV, and was Creative Director for the former Design Thinking group, where I was responsible for creative and design execution strategy, experience, and communication. In these groups I researched and analyzed competitive experiences, and dug deeply into new and nascent technologies around broadcast communications and user interfaces/experiences to inform new product design and direction. Having primary creative direction for the team, my responsibility beyond project participation had been to manage the design aspects of deliverables, prototypes, presentations, and customer-based research projects that come from these collaborative projects.
Fine Arts:

I hold a bfa in Drawing and Painting, with my artistic passion foremost in oil painting, mixed over time with printmaking/intaglio, illustration, bookmaking, and typeface design. As a designer, I take the organic nature of artistic creativity and surround it with a logical mind—together this creates fantastic flexibility through wide technical understanding.
All artwork, design, programming, and photography:
Michael C. Stickley

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